The Owl

The traumatologist of the city hospital discovers the talent of an amateur detective. With the help of his team of paramedics and police officers, Filin will solve any crime, because as a result of childhood trauma, he has lost the need for sleep and therefore all 24 hours are available to him in the day.

Alexey Filippov (Danila Yakushev) nicknamed "Filin" – traumatologist, head of the department of emergency traumatology of one of the city hospitals in St. Petersburg. His department receives emergency patients who have received injuries of a very different nature-from household fractures to knife and gunshot wounds. Given the specifics of the work, Filin and his colleagues often have to deal with crime. What does not happen here: bandits who were shot during detentions, and participants in criminal showdowns who pretend to be the victim of an accident, and victims of contract killings who were not killed by hitmen… And all these stories inevitably have to understand the Owl.

Filin is an adventurer who is disloyal to the management, so his superiors can't stand him and would gladly fire him. However, Filin is an excellent specialist with colossal efficiency.

The secret of the Owl's efficiency is that it does not sleep. Doesn't sleep at all. The only way for him to fall asleep is to have a good drink, but this is actually an alcoholic blackout, not a dream. It all started in childhood. Young then Alyosha got into an accident. The brain and spinal cord were damaged. After the accident, he lost sleep.

For this reason, he graduated from the medical academy in 5 years, and not in 8, like everyone else. For this reason, Filin knows two languages, has passed the most difficult computer games several times, plays poker, darts, is able to collect a Rubik's cube, and much more. These are all time killers. A person who needs to kill all 24 hours in a day, sometimes they are simply necessary.

For the same reason, the Owl can not pass by any mystery that looms in front of his nose. Especially if this mystery takes place within the walls of a hospital. Thus, the Owl discovers the talent of a detective. And after the first detection of the crime, life for him begins to play with new colors.

In his work – both basic medical and optional detective work – Filin is assisted by a team of friends, buddies or forced partners. This is Olga Zakharova (Ekaterina Zorina) - one of the few truly loyal friends of Filin and a nurse who always has everything to do; Volodya Chernykh (Vasily Stepanov) is a trainee who is equally afraid of Filin and admires him, Roman Kozin (Andrey Terentyev) is a police operative and Zakharova's ex - husband, who for some reason inspired himself with the idea that Zakharova left him because of Filin, and, of course, Ekaterina Gromova (Ekaterina Ryabova) is a novice detective and a former district police officer, transferred to the criminal investigation department after accidentally becoming a YouTube star during the detention of the villain.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Marina Belova, Yuri Shalimov
Alexander Stroev, Dmitry Averin
Photography director(s):
Evgene Kordunsky, Alexey Arsentiev
Andrey Larikov
Danila Yakushev, Ekaterina Zorina, Andrey Terentyev, Ekaterina Ryabova, Vasily Stepanov, Mikhail Nikolaev and others.