The great five - 4

The main characters of the series are employees of one of the St. Petersburg police departments. Five - because there are five operas. Major Pavel Shaposhnikov, captains Dmitry Krasavchenko and Timur Bubnov, senior lieutenant Anton Vetrov and lieutenant Vladimir Kuzmin. Five different characters United by their commander, lieutenant Colonel Andrey Golovanov. A man with great humor and a rich past. He still remembers when there were streets of broken lights in St. Petersburg.

The characters of the series are fans of their work, professionals in different directions, with different views on life and Hobbies. The Department is not a refined division, but an ordinary police Department. People can come there with complaints and statements. Revenge, envy, fear, lust, and avarice drive some to commit crimes, while honor, conscience, justice, and courage force others to resist evil. The heroes of the "Great Five" punish evil every day. Surprisingly, in this routine, they have time for love, friendship and humor.

In each series, the Department's employees face new crimes, the victims of which are ordinary people. And, in addition to solving crimes, they take part in their destinies, solve their problems. In the series, in addition to crime and detective, there are lyrical and melodramatic lines that give volume and truth to the life of the characters of the series and their surroundings.



Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Yuri Shalimov, Marina Belova
Sergey Poluyanov, Armenak Nazikyan
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Brylyakov, Leonid Fridman
Natalia Pakhomova
Pavel Grigoriev, Andrey Gorbachev, Alexei Krasnotsvetov, Nodar Dzhanelidze, Konstantin Grishanov, Yegor Kutenkov and other