Nevsky. Hunt for an architect

Major Pavel Semyonov, whose role is always played by Anton Vasiliev, continues to serve in the police, holds the position of head of the criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Central district.Colonel Andrey Mikhailov is being transferred from the Central district to the residential district. Mikhailov will have a hard time working in the criminal district after the fashionable Nevsky. Here they live according to the laws of the streets: trust no one, who is cooler, he is right. Between Semenov and Mikhailov, a complex relationship develops, friendship on the verge of hostility.

The FSB is in dire Straits. Since the operation to capture the Architect was failed, and when the body of Semenchuk was found in the forest, the chekists have no new results. Yes, they are still suspect Pasha Semenov that he was an Architect, was associated with Semenchuk. There is no evidence, Semenov is being followed. Mikhailov does not understand whether he can trust Semyonov– and continues to inform the FSB about Semyonov's actions.

The plot intrigue of the series is so twisted that it is sometimes difficult to understand who is on the side of good, and who should not be trusted – and is there a border between good and evil? The ambiguity of each character, the complex and contradictory decisions that they will have to make, the constant risk of making the wrong choice - this is what distinguishes Nevsky from many other series. In each episode, the characters will have to investigate one crime. Whether Semenov will be able to understand everything and what difficulties he will face on his way – you will find out in the 5th season of the series "Nevsky".

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Dmitry Averin
Photography director(s):
Yuri Litvinov
Andrey Tumarkin, Maria Oshmyanskaya, Alexander Ivanov
Anton Vasiliev, Andrey Golnev, Dmitry Palamarchuk, Mariya Kapustinskaya, Sergei Koshonin, Alexander Stalin, Anastassia Zabirova and others.