Conditional COP - 3
Adventure detective

The main characters of the detective are Dmitry Ryzhov and Arina Gordeeva. He is a former police officer who served time in prison for abuse of power. She is an acting police captain, a district police officer. Together they were brought together by fate, a beautiful city on the Neva River and integrity. Both are not ready to put up with the situation in the area and declare war on local crime and corruption.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Marina Belova, Yuri Shalimov
Andrey Korshunov
Photography director(s):
Fyodor Ordovsky, Pavel Kiselev, Mikhail Klyuev
Igor Bednykh, Maria Gritsyuk, Alexander Gritsyuk
Denis Rozhkov, Anastasia Tyunina, Alexey Nilov, Sergey Koshonin, Yegor Bakulin and others.