With love from hell
Criminal drama

Dmitry, Dimon, but for the majority of friends, party shorter, he is Demon. He is twenty, he is handsome, smart, talented. He is a well-known DJ in St. Petersburg clubs. Fans, pleasures, buzz. At the club, he meets a beautiful girl. Demon falls in love at first sight. Then the are a lot of  meetings, crazy nights of love, passion, music, and cocaine. The ideal becomes the ideal only when it has a small negative character.... The beloved Demon knows that it is cocaine. Many times he saw his friends get together for becoming victims of this vice: overdoses, mental hospitals, suicides, the bottom of life. But he forgives her everything. He is willing to do anything as long as she was with him. And she requires prooves.

Once she said to him that she was offered an excellent deal. As a tourist she ahould cross the border of St. Petersburg with a couple of kilos of drugs. For this she`s promised ten thousand of dollars. And she agrees. However, she doesn`t want to go alone. She is scared, but with him, with the Demon, it is safe to do. After several quarrels, scandals, reconciliation and persuasion, Demon agrees to accompany his beloved in this trip which is becoming fatal for him.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Shcherbinin
Photography director(s):
Alexander Ustinov
Andrey Shcherbinin
Iliya Alekseev, Svetlana Tsvichenko and others