Criminal drama

"O.R.U.ZH.I.E" isan abbreviation of the names of friends: O - Oleg, a military retiree, R – Roman, a  scientist, SRI employee, U- Uliana, atelevision correspondent, Zh – Zhenya, aphysicist, a doctor of Sciences. And - Igor, an entrepreneur, a former reporter, a husband of Uliana. E - Egor, an assistant за a provincial research center.

In the Murmansk region, Oleg and Roman experience the newest weapon - a rifle, possessing exceptional long range and destructive power. The tests are successful, and Oleg is trying to interest the military in the weapons. Now, one of the soldiers with a rifle capable of replacing almost the entire army. Oleg and Igor turns to Ulyana, who helps to organize a meeting with the right people. As a result of the negotiations there is a succeed weapons test at a military training ground.

After testing some uknown appear in the Igor`s flat to get the innovation. They are ready to do anything just to get a new weapon, and the price of  few lives does not seem so much to them.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Alexander Rogozhkin
Photography director(s):
Victor Gonchar
Alexander Rogozhkin
Iliya Noskov, Dmitriy Palamarchuk, Svetlana Shchedrina, Anton Bogrov, Sergey Galich, Eldar Lebedev, Alexey Osipov, Eric Keniya, Sergey Rublev and others