Criminal drama

             On the highway, the police stop the truck. The driver dies because of the chase. In the body of the car, bags with cement are found, in which - gold sand and gold bars. The driver, courier,is local resident. The Moscow FSB lieutenant colonel Koltsov with his group is developing a circle of suspects who may be involved in the extraction and crossing of illegal gold across the border to China: local, big business person Motyl, his right hand - Stepan, and Galanov - the former agent of GRU, who now lives In the taiga and drives tourists on extreme routes.A year ago, a young criminal investigation officer was killed in the taiga, who was trying to open a case on illegal gold mining. His body with stab wounds was found in the taiga, suspected of killing Galanov, but his guilt was not proven.        

After the discovery of a large batch of gold in the truck, Lieutenant-Colonel Koltsov decides to inject his agent as a buyer of illegal gold to Stepan.



Number of series: 12

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Bogdan Drobyazko
Photography director(s):
Stanislav Mikhailov
Iliya Shakunov, Alexander Fisenko, Roman Ageev, Aleksey Nilov, Maria Shumakova, Denis Pianov, Marina Domozhirova, Pavel Goncharov, Danila Voropaev, Olga Filipova and others