The veteran
Criminal drama


Pavel Novikov is a veteran of local wars. Several years ago, he managed to escape from captivity. Novikov miraculously survived - in the hospital, he was sent to the morgue, taking as the dead one.

Every night, Pavel dreams of war and captivity. It is registered by a psychiatrist and a daily pill. But one day the whole life is changing.

Firstly, he has a new doctor – a graduate of the  Medical Institute Elena Sviblova. Secondly ... Novikov notes were being followed. Then it seemed to him that someone was in his apartment. Pavel sure he is crazy. He tells the doctor that someone pursues. At first, Lena does not believe Novikov. But at some point she realizes - really watching Pavel ... But who, and why?

Novikov could not, even in the most terrible nightmares imagine what will be in the center of the plot .... security service of one of the city banks' plans to eliminate a competitor. To do this they need a person to whom it will be possible to blame the murder. Ian ideal candidate for the killer frontman is Novikov. A former military, consisting in a special account, lonely ...

Hunting begins. And this is where the criminals regret that they decided to contact with Novikov.

Major police Vorovskii conducts his investigation and makes sure that Pavel`s attempt to substitute.

Whether Major Vorovsky be able to get on the trail of these murderers? See in the new action-detective "Veteran"



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Denis Skvortsov
Photography director(s):
Mikhail Ksenofontov
Andrey Tumarkin, Alexander Kachan
Andrey Chubchenko, Vitaliy Pichik, Grigory Zeltser, Boris Bedrosov, Varvara Borodina, Volly Hammer, Alexey Shevchenko, Alexander Samokhin, Mikhail Lozhkin and others