The Spaniard
Criminal drama

Rusty cars, railways and bridges, from which wonderful sunsets can be seen. All this - the small world of Sasha and Kostya, two street friends, who were able to in the harsh realities of the beginning of the nineties to maintain in a pure children's soul faith in goodness and justice. However, their fragile little world falls apart when guys get in the way of corrupt police. The friends come to the shelter, where faced with the hostility of the director and the other children. At this time the orphanage is visited by a young Spanish couple, who drew attention to the sincere and kind and Sasha wants to be adopted him. Kostya convinces Sasha to accept the offer of the Spaniards. The children are promised that they will meet and never part soon. But life was going quite differently ... Sasha went to Spain with a new family, and Kostya disappeared. And no one can find him.

20 years passed. Little Sasha grew up to Alejandro – a rich young man with a strong character and a good heart. He's still looking for Kostya. After receiving the message from Eva - a detective who searches Kostya, Alejandro flies to Russia. Alejandro will meet with the past, to show the strength and generosity, to acquire allies, who have their own scores with the enemies. But will he be able to protect what is found in Russia, or whether his arrival will cause the death of people close to him?



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Anatoliy Artamonov
Photography director(s):
Valeriy Revich
Alexey Nilov, Vera Shpak, Alexey Krasnotsvetov, Artem Karasev and others