The second love
Criminal drama

Tatiana is a wife of a successful businessman, lives in St. Petersburg - a lot of years ago, the pursuit of happiness led her from Moscow to the banks of the Neva river. She has everything that she dreamed of in her youth - houses, cars, several bank accounts, travel abroad at any time and anywhere, a respectable, respected, business husband - not old, it is still "in force". Tatiana feels herself absolutely happy. Suddenly she meets a man from the "past life" - Igor. 20 years ago, when Tanya was living in a provincial town, she had a great true love - Igor - a great guy from a simple family, who made a proposal to her just graduated from tenth grade. But Tanya suddenly refused his proposal and said that she was madly in love with him, but ... She has to think about the future. She wanted to go to the capital and there arrange her life. Thus Igor is not a couple ...

And Igor is on the verge of Tatiana`s home. He was embarrassed; he says that except her in this city he has no one and nowhere to turn for help. Anticipating the question of Tanya, he said that he is not asking for money. The matter is much more important - he wants to find Oleg Zhuravlev, a doctor for her daughter. Unexpectedly Tatiana is pleased to see Igor. She starts to help him to find the right doctor. But the thing is this man can hardly be called a doctor, and he has no idea about any Igor.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Oleg Larin
Photography director(s):
Dimitriy Mass
Alexey Rybin
Pavel Delong, Marina Blake, Andrey Chubchenko, Mikhail Polosukhin and others