The provincial
Criminal drama

An unknown kills Peter Andreyev, the director of the factory in a small provincial town of Dolininsk.

Andreyev has a son, just graduated from a provincial university before - who served in the Army - Sergey. Sergey has no doubt that his father who was "for the people", for the truth, for a normal life, who never took bribes and resisted corruption, was killed by people of oligarch Gruzdev.

Gruzdev is going to buy the city-forming enterprise, and there are rumors that a few thousand of people will be on the street.

Sergey isaware of the fact that his father and Gruzdev were rubbing on the foreclosure business.

It also confirms by the deputy director and his best friend Kolomeychik.

Gruzdev lives in St. Petersburg, Sergey cannot get him - too high level, where Gruzdev is, for Sergey he is not available.

Sergey decides to whatever punish Gruzdev. Sergey went to St. Petersburg. He had no money, the director of the plant only lived for his salary - though a decent, but not giving an opportunity to make big savings. Sergey travels with his best friend Igor.

Sergey rents for his last money a room in a communal apartment. He goes to work in a small shop like a laborer.

Sergey has the analytical mind, it is very smart and quick decisions can come up with "multiport" combination. Sergey continues to move towards his goal - watching the bank, destryed, in fact, his hometown and family. Sergey`s mother died, but the son found out about it only after the funeral.

Sergey and Igor are located on a high level of business; Sergey has the possibility of cooperation with major banks. He picks a combination of the bankruptcy of the "enemy” bank. Gruzdev losts his fortune. Whether Gruzdev is guilty in the death of  Peter Andreyev? The answer to this question Sergey learns only in the final.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Armenak Nazikyan
Photography director(s):
Dmitriy Plyusnin
Alexey Rybin
Alexander Baranovskiy, Vladimir Steklov, Mikhail Eliseev, Roman Ageev, Yan Tsapnik and others