The great five - 2

In the second season, you will find new adventures of your favorite team of police officers of the Petrovsky district police Department of St. Petersburg. Major Shaposhnikov (actor Andrey Gorbachev) will still remain faithful to one of the main passions of his life – women. Under the guise of a business trip, the major will stay in the hotel where the murder occurred the day before. His wife will take the room next door…

Alexey Krasnotsvetov's hero-the senior Opera captain Krasavchenko will continue to ruin girls ' hearts. The status of a bachelor would not suit the captain's loving mother. She will introduce her son to two pretty sisters who will turn out to be con artists. However, viewers will still witness the exciting romance of the enviable groom in one of the episodes of the new season.

Attacks on personal freedom and not escape the Lieutenant Kuzmin (actor Yegor Kutenkov). The landlady's attempts to introduce the police officer to a nice girl will become too Intrusive.

The hero of the actor Nodar Dzhanelidze-captain Bubnov-will have to combine murder investigations with preparation for the anniversary of his own wedding. Catching a criminal will be an easy task compared to finding a gift for your spouse.

Ironically, the wife of Colonel Golovanov, the head of the "great five", will also be involved in the criminal case. Operatives will certainly find the real killer and save the honor of their commander.

Lieutenant Vetrov will get into a delicate situation... he will try to prevent the murder, and will become the main accused…

Chasing criminals, investigating complicated crimes and interesting details from the family life of the main characters... Real danger alternates with funny situations that operatives get into. Each of them is a professional and a fan of their work. The highlight is added by different views on the life and hobbies of police officers.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Yuri Shalimov, Marina Belova
Sergey Poluyanov
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Brylyakov, Leonid Fridman
Natalia Pakhomova
Pavel Grigoriev, Andrey Gorbachev, Alexei Krasnotsvetov, Nodar Dzhanelidze, Konstantin Grishanov, Yegor Kutenkov and other