The change
Criminal drama


Major Pobortsev investigates the case of a series of daring raids on banks. In the course of the investigation he manages to grab one of the six robbers. To do this, the investigator also has to brazenly violate the instructions, but to try to save the lives of girl- hostage.

During the arrest the bandit promises to Pobortsev that he will make him to regret about it. But who pays attention to the threat of detained criminals? The Mayor receives gratitude from the leadership, a premium vacation and a severe reprimand for taking the initiative.

While his wife Natalia chooses a ticket to the sea and collects bags, Pobortsev, in spite of the official release, helps the colleagues in the investigation. From the outset they realize that the bandits specifically allowed by the police on a false trail.

When the second robber is almost in the hands of investigators, someone has time to warn him. About the arrest, except Pobortsev only five people knew it. All of them are now under suspicion, and Colonel Tepljakov suspects most the major.

At this point, the first robber, arrested by Pobortsev, manages to fulfill his promise, being behind bars.

Now, the investigator is forced to go on an exchange - he needs to finish the job, but will have to play by the rules of bandits ...




NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Victor Tatarskiy
Photography director(s):
Grigoriy Panov
Vladimir Ryzhkov
Alexey Komashko, Maxim Dakhnenko, Roman Ageev, Valeniya Shkirando, Vyacheslav Arkunov and others