Criminal drama

The veteran of the SWAT unit "Alfa" Evgeniy Sormatov arrives at the picturesque lake, lost in the Karelian wilderness. Evgeniy has a mission, which he cannot perform for three years, ever since his friend Andrei Yegorov died. Andrew asked Sormatov to visit his relatives and to give last letter. However, returning after that action, Sormatov went out of special forces and a three-year dropped out of life, immersed in binges. Now, three years later, the bosses and rewards his dead comrade – Andrew, Evgeniy must pass relatives a hero award. Sormatov kicks out of the garage the old "nine" and travels to Karelia. It was there, on one of the archipelago - the fishing deserted settlement numbered eighteen where the father and the sister of Andrew live. 

Sormatov is in the village. He lived in a hotel designed once for technologists, hunters and fishermen. The caretaker vacant of the hotel - Timofey Egorov. To follow abandoned farm helps his daughter Tatiana. They are the relatives of the deceased Andrew Yegorov. Now rarely a hotel room are for lovers of hunting and fishing. But now - not the season. Despite this, there are some guests in it. Quite accidentally, Tatiana finds among things of the guests a large batch of weapons. Now the smugglers (and it is they) play openly. Timofey Egorov, Tatiana Egorova and Evgeniya Sormatos become hostages to criminals. Sormatov knows the leader. He is a well-known crime boss, a kingpin - Semen Lentsman. At one time Sormatov participated in the operation to capture an organized criminal group of Lentsman. That time the leader wasn`t caught.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Photography director(s):
Ivan Bagaev
Anton Zinchenko, Nikolay Dreiden
Timur Efremenkov, Elena Nikolaeva, Mikhail Razumovskiy, Danila Kozlovskiy and others