Criminal drama

Neighbors call Andrey Molotov - Sibiryak. Molotov is thirty-five years old. Molotov does everything slowly: walks slowly, talks slowly, slowly makes decisions, slowly bring up the five-year  son, Ivan.

A few years ago Molotov gathered all necessary things to the trunk of his car and came to St. Petersburg from the distant, snowy Ust-Ilimsk. In general, he began a new life.

Molotov, together with a new friend Shuvalov organized a Construction Company. Firstly, there was one house, then two of them, then fourhen four. Now Molotov and Artem are founders of a great construction company. Several teams work there. The company is not limited by construction of cottages of pieces of wood but the companies works with urban tenders either. Things are going well.

From the Siberian times Molotov has one passion - hunting. Now Shuvalov has the same one.

This time, the partners went far, more than a thousand kilometers away. Hunt is going to be dangerous. And Shuvalov had planned to go back to St. Petersburg without Molotov. Only he forgot that the Molotov is a real Sibiryak.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Moskvitin
Anton Zinchenko
Egor Pazenko, Anna Azarova, Konstantin Solovjev, Ekaterina Proskurina and others