Criminal drama

Sergey Erokhin is an operas homicide Petersburg police. Principled and unbending. He always brought to the end of the most difficult and dangerous things, and never afraid of threats.

Sergey's sister, Lena, lives in Severoozersk. She went there after graduation  to work as a teacher of elementary grades. Lena is going to marry a web designer Oleg.

Sergey introduced to the gang of drug dealers, and he was personally unable to detain the leader - Bykov. Bykov is delivered to the police department. Sergey Bykov threatened that it is certain that very soon he will be free.

At this time of the accomplices of Bykov kidnapped Lena. The criminals communicate with Erohin and voiced ultimatum that Bykov must be cleared of all charges, otherwise they will kill Elena.

Sergey discusses his problem with the head and the other, with Colonel Shvetsov. Nothing can be done, all the evidence collected by the guilt Bykov, by Sergey, and destroy the thing will not work. But Sergey and did not want to ruin it.

It is taken for the investigation and the search for the sisters, but the police in the corruption-ridden Severoozersk is not going to help him. Sergey will have to save his sister, and to restore justice.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Draka
Photography director(s):
Alexander Vatalev
Anna Ulaeva, Evgeniy Kukarin
Mikhail Tarabukin, Vera Bakhankova, Anton Bagrov, Dariya Tsiberkina, Evgeniy Bakalov, Dmitriy Sutyrin and others