Shoking therapy
Criminal drama

Two brothers are actors - Michael and Alex. Michael is very talented, in films, TV series, he is a "star" known and loveв by the whole country. Alex is devoid of talent of his brother, his role - episodes in the series.

Michael received an offer to work in a new cinema with a very well-known domestic director of the highest level. Michael offered the main role, the budget is very large, it is now a great movie directed by eminent.

One day tragedy happens on set: Michael beat the operator, broke equipment. He tied up and taken to the hospital.

Michael wakes up in a mental hospital closed type, located outside the city limits. It takes an intensive course of treatment, does not remember anything about the incident.

At the hospital, Michael meets a girl, who is also treated there, and she sends him a note asking for help. Note falls to the deputy chief doctor - Slava - a young doctor, "the master" of Michael and the Light.

Doctor is interested in the note, and he gradually discovers that the chief doctor uses a very unconventional methods of "treatment", because of which are quite normal people turn into insane.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Evgeniya Malkov
Photography director(s):
Ivan Bagaev
Alexey Rybin
Vladimir Steklov, Yuriy Kolokolnikov, Olga Reptukh, Alexander Troshin, Alexey Osipov, Alina van Orton and others