Criminal drama

From the time of the events of the film "Retiree-2" passed the time.

Adopted son of Dedov - Viktor Zimin - is on the next "job", the granddaughter is studying at the institute, she is going to marry him.

Dedovtaught at the military academy.

Dedov and his friends - Kaverin and Rastorguev - undergo a medical examination. Dedov gets a ticket to the boarding house. But he decides to give it to Kaverin, because the disabled, and it is most needed.

Arriving to another city, in a boarding house, Kaverin becomes a witness of how two strong guys, by power put into the car a young girl. Then he tries to stand up to her, but no vail - the bandits severely beat him and thrown on the road, after having taken away all documents and phone.

Later Kaverin is brought to the hospital. He is unconscious. The police are not eager to find out the details: where did the elderly man, what happened to him ...

But doctors have found Kaverin`s military badge. And do make a request to Moscow. It becomes aware to the general Rastorguev and, accordingly, Colonel Dedov.

Dedov is conducting its own investigation, he finds witnesses of the crime. One of the bandits who attacked Kaverin is ason of the former police chief of the city. Therefore, the police are not in hurry to search criminals.

Local gangsters start against Dedov a real war.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Moskvitin
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Vasiljev
Andrey Tumarkin
Boris Galkin, Valeriy Doronin, Alexander Ryazantsev, Yuliya Rudina, Elena Radevich and others