Criminal drama

During the operation, one of the "hot spots" Captain Zimin (Igor Petrenko) saves the life of his adoptive father, Colonel Dedov (Boris Galkin). Dedov take rescuers and Zimin on a tragic accident leave, considering the dead. Dedov does not believe in the death of Zimin and tries to find him, or at least his body. But he refused all help everywhere. Zimin himself was captured, he escaped and returned to St. Petersburg bitter, believing that Dedov dropped him. Zimin has come to the attention of criminal structures. And now Dedov, who accidentally found out that Zimin is alive, must stop his adopted son, to protect against fatal and fatal errors.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Sergey Shcherbin
Photography director(s):
Alexander Ustinov
Andrey Tumarkin
Boris Galkin, Igor Petrenko, Yuliya Rudina, Elena Radevich, Alexey Fedkin, Valeriy Doronin, Alexander Ryazantsev and others