Criminal drama

Since the last event time has gone. Father Andrey also reads all the sermons, sometimes walks into a bar to communicate with the citizens in an informal atmosphere. The citizens, by the way, gave him an old bike, which he repairs in his spare time. Grisha, son of Katya, helps him. The city after Agofonov was arrested and imprisoned - peace and grace. Well it happens any incident, but the chief of the local police Murov is the guardian of the law. And sometimes Father Andrey goes fishing with Grisha. He likes to sit at the dawn of the water, think about his past life.

Suddenly somу person comes to town, Ivan Denisov. He is looking for Father Andrey.

Many years ago, Ivanand Andrey were in the same brigade. However, "they solved the problems" doing "shady dealings". Ivan was the right hand of Andrey. Then Ivan was imprisoned and Andrey lost his wife and rethink his life.

Father Andrew wasn`t glad to see Ivan. But he, of course, kindly meets his old friend. Otherwise, it cannot be. Ivan tells him that after prison and he could not find his place in life, no one takes him to work, he always has problems with the police, and only old buddies called him back to the gang. Ivan asks Andrey for help. Requests to help is a start of a new life. And Father Andrey helps him. He helps him with housing, work ...

Ivan begins a new life. Moreover, he begins an affair with Katya. The case goes to the wedding. But suddenly everything changes. The gang comes from St.Petersburg They are looking for Ivan.

Father Andrey is forced to take up arms again to rescue his wayward friend, and again to save Katya and Grisha.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Moskvitin
Andrey Tumarkin
Egor Pazenko, Andrey Chubchenko, Anna Tabanina and others.