Criminal drama

The main characters are in the department of patrol and inspection service, they are those police officers who first arrive in the streets of St. Petersburg, the first who respond to requests for assistance from citizens, victims of criminals.

Three police guards - those people working "on the ground", which are closest to the people, to its problems, worries and difficulties.

Heroes of the encounter with virtually the entire spectrum of urban crime - from street gangs hunted robbery, pickpockets, drunken thugs, racketeers, aggressive drunks and drug addicts, to participation in street fights, Unscrambling and suppressing them catch criminals by orientation, go to the robbery of shops, offices , private apartments - no offense to the suppression of which could not have been involved by guards.

Each series is a separate, independent history - in each series heroes are faced with a new offense. They can and calming the raging communal apartment and the tenant through a very short time - is to go on the trail of a major crime boss, who had escaped from prison, knowing his orientation.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Victor Tatarskiy, Andrey Ivanov
Photography director(s):
Victor Gonchar, V. Revich, Anton Verbin
Boris Galkin, Andrey Kouznetsov, Igor Vukolov, Mikhail Volodin, Roman Ageev, Alexander Bolshakov, Alexander Mosolov and others