Pins -3
Criminal drama

Girls keep on working in the night club, everything is smoothly and safely. But once it disappears one of the dancers - Jeanne. She didn`t  go to work and did not return calls. As it turns out, in another city she has a small child, who lives with his. Mikheev (the girl's husband, who is not a father of the child) was put in prison. He comes back to freedom, he is involved into the criminal world again, and for the implementation of their plans there is Jeanne. Kidnapping a child, Mikheev starts to blackmail the mother. Jeanne suffers, but sees no way out: Mikheev is a "moron" and to save the child, Jeanne does all that tells her husband, a criminal.



NTV commissioned production. 



Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Korshunov
Photography director(s):
Dmitriy Plyusnin
Alexey Rybin
Anna Lutseva, Galina Bokashevskaya, Oksana Skakun, Andrey Smelov, Vitaliy Koudryabtsev, Sergey Vorobjev, Vadim Yakovlev and others