First department

The basis of the cinema - the daily life of the members of the First investigative division, Dept of GSU SK the Russian Federation, St.Petersburg.

The main character is forty-year-old colonel Yuri Ivanovich Bragin (Ivan Kolesnikov) returns to St. Petersburg from a business trip to one of the major Russian regions, where he was sent as part of an investigative team to investigate a certain "high-profile case". This trip lasted for a year. Bragin and his colleagues managed to prove a criminal connection between the leader of a large organized crime group and local officials. An attempt was made on Bragin's life. He survived only by a miracle.

Bragin returns to St. Petersburg, where he learns that the current head of the first investigative Department of the first Department of the GSU Vadim Maltsev (Ilya Shakunov) is retiring. It is more likely that Bragin will be offered to take his place. But for now, Bragin is urgently sent on another business trip. This time is to the Leningrad region. Two girls were killed by an unidentified person a week apart in one of the cities of the Leningrad region . This town is small, you can say that all the inhabitants are in sight of each other. Which makes it harder to find the killer...

Bragin is not a careerist. The boss's chair is not an end in itself. A talented investigator likes to do "live work" more. In Bragin as if "collected" features of many famous literary detectives, from Sherlock Holmes to Hercule Poirot. In fact, colleagues in the eyes of so called Bragina – Poirot. Yuri Ivanovich tries to personally go with the operas of the criminal investigation Department to detain dangerous criminals, can personally sit in ambush and, although his colleagues from the police do not like it (everyone must do their own work), they respect Bragin for this. Bragin's longtime friend, police Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Shibanov (Sergey Zharkov), is ready to come to his rescue at any moment and help him with friendly advice, which refutes the theory that in reality friendship between an investigator and an operative is impossible.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Denis Neimand
Photography director(s):
Eugene Kordonski
Andrey Tumarkin
Ivan Kolesnikov, Sergey Zharkov, Stanislav Tkachenko, Ilya Shakunov, Elena Vozhakina.