Paper pusher

Major Andrey Vershinin, an employee of the police archive, is being transferred with a promotion to the border town - Portovy. Vershinin will take the position of head of the Department of internal Affairs instead of the recently deceased Colonel Avdeev. The new chief in Portovy is met with caution: subordinates almost openly conflict with him, and the press and public, excited by the recent series of daring robberies, are simply outraged by this appointment. No one believes that the former "paper pusher" can change anything in a criminal situation. However, Vershinin makes it clear from the very beginning that he will not back down even in an atmosphere of General distrust. The first and most loyal of his allies suddenly becomes a local journalist Anna Loginova, at first she seriously damaged Vershinin's reputation. Together, they begin a search for raiders who attacked police officers transporting detained drug couriers, as well as bandits who staged a shootout at the anniversary of the local lawyer Medushevsky. In addition, the Vertex very concerned about suspicious activity around a local orphanage, the inmates of which from time to time somewhere to take out with unclear objectives. However, the suspects all the time deftly elude their pursuers, having committed another daring crime, they just disappear into thin air every time. But the trail taken by Vershinin turns out to be very hot. The proof of this is almost undisguised threats to the Lieutenant Colonel and his relatives from the city authorities and representatives of the criminal world. Problems are also added by the escalated confrontation between the two main criminal groups that divided the city, in the center of which a love triangle is suddenly formed: the Apple of discord between the sons of criminal bosses becomes the person of Julia, Vershinin's daughter. The lawyer Medushevsky offers a helping hand to the Lieutenant Colonel, but Vershinin is in no hurry to trust him, he has already realized that almost all the people around him pursue their own, sometimes very dark goals.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Ivan Glubokov, Alan Dzotsiev
Photography director(s):
Eugene Kordonski
Denis Kopnin
Alexey Kravchenko, Sergey Koshonin, Konstantin Strelnikov, Elena Polyakova, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Valery Grishko and others.