Ours are in danger!
Criminal drama


The main characters - the usual 30-year-old men who live in a typical Russian village, where everything is bad with work, where no money, where is only samogon. They did not studied institutions, do not speak foreign languages, are not versed in politics and consider the word "interenet" and "glamor" like curses. They can hit you for these words. The life they see, basically, is on the TV screen, black and white. One of them takes an old car because of his wedding (married a first village beauty), and then drives off with his young wife to the honeymoon to Saint-Petersburg on an old car his father. And here in St. Petersburg, he accidentally "squeezed" to some kid a fancy new jeep. The owner of the jeep and demanded drugany with him for moral and other damages to a tidy sum. He calls his friends, the one telephone is in the village. Well, the friends - for a friend are always like a mountain! And they go to the city after they drank a little of samogon. No way not to go – ours are in danger! But rural guys know one thing - for the other stuff you need to face and hand over to the police baddies. The police figure everything out and punish the criminals. So the presidents recently on TV sais. Well, the police must protect the civilians. The problem is that the coolest urban gangsters - were not prepared for the fact that they will not make war "on the concepts," and with the use of reinforcement, strong fists, "Molotov`s cocktails" and other ancillary items.

After "military actions" thugs still had captured and handed over to the police. And the village boys come home. Drunk and happy. But the gangsters buy off the police and have themselves gone to the outback for demolition. In the village people do npot like those who are from the city especially if those are bandits ... Men have more guns hidden away from the war time. Just in case. Now can be used ...



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Anton Bormatov
Photography director(s):
Viktor Gonchar
Andrey Tumarkin
Kirill Polukhin, Yan Tsapnik, Roman Ladnev, Ivan Vasiliev, Egor Bakulin, Ekaterina Zlaya, Andrey Pynzaru and others