Roman Odintsov, nicknamed "Odin", is unsociable and does not believe anyone. He left the police seven years ago after a conflict with his superiors and friends who betrayed and framed him. As a result Roman was left completely alone after the dismissal and divorce.

Old friend offered Roman job in the repair team, he agreed to this offer, thoughtlessly moving from object to object and working to exhaustion. One day work brought him back together with one of his old friend in the service – Viktor Kulba. Victor overjoyed at the meeting and suddenly ask Odin for help. After agreeing to listen to a former colleague, Roman comes to the cafe where he had an appointment and finds Kulba dead.

Victor's widow asked Odin to help. Odin visits a good friend, the medical examiner Farber, who helps him find out that the true cause of Kulba's death was not a heart attack specified in the death report, it was murder. So Roman is drawn into the investigation of Kulba's death and meets with his own past in the face of former friends and acquaintances.

Odintsov successfully solved the murder and passed all the evidence to the police. He concludes that Kulba was part of a complex corruption structure that has lost many lives.

Roman Odintsov set a goal to achieve punishment for the leaders of this organization. He continues the investigation, during which he has to repeatedly prove his professionalism as a brilliant field office and a talented detective.

At the same time, a variety of people who have become victims of crimes that have baffled the police begin to ask him for help. And each time, Odintsov is on top, again earning the recognition of colleagues and the respect of relatives.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Armen Harutyunyan, Andrey Korshunov
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Brylyakov
Tatiana Stolbova, Anna Larina
Александр Бухаров, Андрей Терентьев, Константин Демидов, Роман Агеев, Екатерина Зорина, Максим Дахненко, Артур Ваха, Владислав Резник и другие.