North star

Police major Stanislav Rakitin was forced to use a office weapon when the criminal was arrested. Unfortunately, the major's shot injured a passer –TV presenter of the city channel Margarita Smetanina. Rakitin was fired from the police and a criminal case was opened. Rakitin and his friends hope that he will get a suspended sentence. But suddenly the court sentences Stanislav to 4.5 years in a penal colony.

During the transfer to the colony for "former employees", Rakitin realizes that someone changed his documents and now he is on his way to the "North star", one of the most terrible Russian colonies, where only murderers, maniacs and other scum of society.

Here, in the" North star", Rakitin has to remember his police skills in order to find and neutralize a mysterious killer named the woodcutter, whom no one knows by sight, and who terrifies local prisoners, killing them one by one.

Rakitin understands that he must act alone. He can't tell any of the prisoners his real name, because after that his life will not be worth a penny.

And the mysterious woodcutter, whose legends go back to the distant past of a small Siberian village, seems to be getting closer and closer to the detective…

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Denis Neimand
Photography director(s):
Eugene Kordonski
Andrey Tumarkin
Artem Tkachenko, Ksenia lukyanchikova, Ilya Shakunov, Alexander Rybakov, Marina Mitrofanova, Denis Starkov, Sergey Yarmolyuk, Andrey Korovnichenko and others