Nevsky. Test of strength
Criminal drama

More than a year has passed since police major Pavel Semyonov was able to calculate and detain a legendary killer named Architect. However, this did not bring the opera the long-awaited joy. After all, the architect was his close friend and former partner in the criminal investigation department - Kirill Nazarov.

So, experiencing Semyonov another personal tragedy: his wife, Julia, was attacked by armed drug addicts and used a traumatic pistol against them. One of the drug addicts died, and the second gave evidence against Yulia herself. The court took the side of the investigation and sentenced the girl to three years in prison in a general regime colony.Because of these events, Semyonov decided to leave service in the police. Firstly, he is disappointed in the police system. Secondly, he wants to spend more time with his son. Pasha understands that if something happens to him in the service - his son will have no one to take care of ...

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Oleg Larin, Andrey Korshunov
Photography director(s):
Yury Litvinov
Andrey Tumarkin
Anton Vasiljev, Andrey Gulnev, DmitriyPalamarchuk, Sergey Ionkin, Yury Arkhangelskiy, Sergey Koshonin, Maria Kapustnskaya and others.
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