Nevsky. A stranger among strangers

A shot fired in a supermarket divided the lives of many people into "before" and "after". Yulia Semyonova, after several years in the colony, tries to adapt to life in freedom, but often faces prejudice and anger.

Alexey Fomin (Foma) appoints to the post of head of his security service a man whose personality does not leave many police officers indifferent, who perceive this act as an insult to the honor of the uniform.

Meanwhile, the conflict between Fomin and Colonel Arsenyev, who returned to service in the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Central district of St. Petersburg, is gaining momentum.

A member of the gang of killers, Sergei Semenchuk, is being held in jail, and investigative authorities are trying to determine whether he was the last "architect" or whether his accomplices remained at large.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Michael Vasserbaum
Photography director(s):
Yuri Litvinov
Andrey Tumarkin
Anton Vasiliev, Andrey Golnev, Mariya Kapustinskaya, Sergei Koshonin, Dmitry Palamarchuk, Yuriy Arkhangelskiy and others.