My last first love
Criminal drama

Arthur Butuzov is about thirty. Good-looking, intelligent, well-educated and has a sense of humor. And he is seriously and terminally ill. One doctor said that Arthur will live only one month. At the hospital, he meets another patient, Anatoly, in communion with whom Arthur realizes that he lived his life misspent - in vanity, quarrels, intrigues, the pursuit of fame and mystical race for career growth. And didn`t live his real life not even a day! What is life? - Arthur immediately finds the answer: Life is love. And ... understanding that he has always been secretly in love with a beautiful TV news presenter Maria Olkhovskaya, the weather forecast presenter. But it is for Arthur, as well as for all of other men - a myth, unattainable fairy tale. Maybe they do not have it at all, but just fine made computer graphics. But this is not the case. She is, and she lives somewhere, goes to work, idle in traffic jams, once a month  pays another loan for a mortgage, maybe she even has a child and she is divorced.

For answers to all these questions Arthur goes to St. Petersburg. In general, if you love the Queen, but ... not a million, which should be a supplement to the Queen.

Arthur has nothing to lose. He understands that all life was afraid to live. He was afraid of the law, he was afraid of public opinion and censure. Anatoly has long been thought up a clever plan of bank fraud, which has implemented by Arthur. And yet he is going well, but the bank hires a private detective who must find and return the stolen million, and strictly punish the speculator.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Shcherbinin
Photography director(s):
Alexander Ustinov
Andrey Shcherbinin
Igor Bochkin, Danila Dunaev, Mariya Valeshnaya and others