In former times, there was the concept of "101-th kilometer", where they sent those who did not correspond to the moral image of the Soviet man. The 101st police Department of the Kolomenskoye district became a kind of "101-th kilometer" for the police officers who were fined and objectionable to the management of the Department. In the Department are collected, "downed pilots", "lame ducks" and those who for one reason or another, mainly for past merits, were not dismissed immediately, but were given the opportunity to sit until retirement.

Kolomna district is located on the outskirts of the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, which includes both historical "postcard" places, and industrial or port suburbs, which are never visited by guests of the cultural capital, except for desperate extreme tourists.

Bolshaya Neva, Fontanka, Moika and Griboyedov canal flow in this place into the Gulf of Finland and as if with the waters of rivers, problems, disassembly, shadow business and other sores of St. Petersburg flow and settle in Kolomna. It is here, in Kolomna, that you can clearly see the unsightly underside of the front and glossy St. Petersburg, which is very close by.

Kolomna is a place that can be partially compared to New York's Harlem, or the Favelas in Rio, with their inherent high crime rate, where only the most desperate "outsider" can venture and with which, sometimes, the local police do not want to get involved.

Being the cause of a constant "headache" of the Department due to poor disclosure statistics, the 101st Department of the Kolomna district is constantly under threat of disbanding, and the staff is on the verge of dismissal.

When they take on each subsequent case, everyone understands that the survival of the division is at stake, and a failed case may be the last in their career and in the life of the 101st Department.

For different reasons and under different circumstances, the heroes ended up in the 101st Department, but this does not mean that they accepted their fate and agreed to stay here forever, no, they are full of desire to escape from Kolomna. To be "at the bottom", for them, does not mean to give up! And heroes don't give up! Having become a team, having adopted the motto "One for all" as a guide to action, they continue to fight, proving their worth and professionalism, their right to be considered one of the best in their business.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Maxim Brius, Andrey Korshunov
Photography director(s):
Fyodor Ordovsky, Mikhail Klyuyev
Andrey Kuznetsov, Alexey Shilnikov, mark Ovchinnikov, Alexandra Ilves, Ales Snopkovsky, Andrey Pogrebinsky