Criminal drama

He has not been seen personally. And who has seen was eliminated. A few years ago he disappeared. It is said that he died, but the body was not found. He is one of the most professional killers of the country, known as Mechanic.

The law enforcement agencies have information about the impending murder, performer - mechanic. The best investigators work under this task. Among them is Temnova Natalia - former FSB operative, and now one of the best analysts.

Temnova lost her husband a long time ago - he worked on the Mechanick`s case and was eventually killed.

Temnova, having studied all the material in the case of the killer, decides to recruit former opera Goryachev. For a long time he was looking for the killer, but, coming on his trail, was compromised and ended up in prison. Goryachev agrees to help in exchange for freedom.

Temnova and Goryachev begin their investigation. But they cannot imagine where it will eventually lead them.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Kopylov
Photography director(s):
Victor Gonchar
Andrey Tumarkin
Prokhor Dubravin, Tatiana Kolganova, Alexey Fokin and others