Matter of honour
Criminal drama

Alexey Sukharev is the captain in the police. Now he and his friend Zhenya are trying to detain Zverev - the leader of a large gang group, selling drugs. The bandit wants to negotiate with the Sukharev, but Alexey does his job - it's a matter of honor, not profit. So, the police officer is in jail on charges of murder he did not commit. On the outside are the wife and son, who will wait for him. But the bandits wanted to rob Sukharev not only his freedom, but also the most important thing in his life - family. Sukharev is released from prison, he returns to his apartment. Now he's all alone. Next door, on the floor above lives a well-known businessperson. He is a big fan of noisy parties. Bratko visited him at the moment when he has to call masseuse Christine. She is a decent girl, working part time as a masseuse. She could be damaged but it is Sukharev, who at the end saves Christine, leaving his fingerprints all over the sea. Now the bandits must remove witnesses. And the task of the police is to catch the obvious killer businessman - Sukharev. The police including the best Sukharev`s friend Zhenya are searching him.

So the former police officer and the girl are caught between two groups. No way to wait help. And to punish the perpetrators and protect the girl for Sukharev is a matter of honor.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Oleg Larin
Photography director(s):
Ivan Bagaev
Dmitriy Belousov
Sergey Selin, Yan Tsapnik, Mikhail Polosukhin, Kristina Brodskaya and others