1983. Yulia Morozova studies foreign languages at the Leningrad University, Yulia plays sports, and she has no idea that in the near future she will be working in the KGB. Her problem is that she looks very similar to the dead wife of the American spy Jim Wheeler, who comes to Leningrad to meet with his agent working in a secret research Institute. Counterintelligence agents are starting a complex spy game, intending to identify the "mole" in the defense industry. To do this, they plan to introduce Julia to the American's inner circle, hoping that he will take the bait. Of course, he "bites". But Julia has her own plans for life, she has a boyfriend who considers Julia his bride. Julia is not going to be traitress even for the Motherland. However, there is too much at stake for the KGB. Counterintelligence agents ruin her life by forcing her to participate in the operation. She is forced to agree for the sake of saving her family from prison. She goes through special training in a closed intelligence school and eventually begins to meet with foreigners. Her personal life is collapsing like a house of cards. The father suspects that his beloved daughter has become a currency prostitute, not even realizing that she is doing it for the sake of his freedom, and Julia does not have the right to tell him the truth. And the most surprising thing is that she begins a serious relationship with the "object", with the same spy Jim Wheeler. On the one hand, an ardent, sincere girl can not resist feelings, and on the other hand, she has no right to feelings. Moreover, in this cruel game, feelings have no place at all.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Kim Druzhinin
Photography director(s):
Edgar Zhamgaryan
Elena Strogaleva
Ivan Kolesnikov, Sofia Shutkina, Dmitry Palamarchuk, Vladimir Litvinov, Artem Krylov, Alina Marfina, Vadim Andreev, Elena Rufanova, Ekaterina Molokhovskaya, Sergey Yatsenyuk and others