Criminal drama

In the towns it is hype. In the dock the tip of the criminal community - one of the most high-powered of powerful groups. All media considered this court-qualified success of law enforcement. And this success is made possible thanks to the testimony and cooperate with the investigation of one of the closest to the top of OPG killers, Kashin, who is in exchange for testimony bargained himself an indulgence in the sentence, that is, he was promised a life sentence would be replaced by ten years of settlement colony. Selin is ordered twenty-four hours a day to protect the life and safety of Kashin. And on the eve of testimony, when he will have to testify against the leader, kidnapped by unknown ones the son and the wife of Selin (actress heroine Eple). Soon Selin gets a phone call. It is offered in exchange for the life and integrity of his family ... to kill Kashin. Selin has only a few hours: at three o'clock Kashin has to be in court. But if he would be there - a son and a wife of Selin will die.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Libenson
Photography director(s):
Dmitriy Plyusnin
Andrey Libenson
Alexey Guskov, Sergey Selin, Zhanna Eple and others.