Lost in woods
Criminal drama

As a result of the collapse of a private jet over the dense forests a prominent businessman died - the owner of a chemical plant - and his assistant. Only his daughter survided - Masha. She wanders through the woods until she stumbles upon a former forester's military intelligence veteran - Vladimir, who consciously chose the life of a hermit. He threw all of betrayal after the commander, deprived of his closest friends, and faith in the cause to which he served faithfully.

Vladimir is not happy because of  a guest and wants to quickly get rid of her, but he has no means of communication with the "high ground" and to the nearest village is for more than twenty kilometers through the marshes. Now its is impossible to go, the water level is too high. He is forced to put absurd, capricious Masha into his house. Upon crash conducted search and rescue operations. Helicopter Emergency Situations Ministry in the marsh discovers the crashed plane, which almost sank. In connection with the death of a businessman inflames the struggle for Chemical Plant: Businessman Marchenko, known in narrow circles as a raider, wants to lay their hands on plant and unambiguously makes it clear top bosses, led by another one Gornostaev.

Meanwhile, Masha manages to reach Gornostaev. That person is taken to organize the evacuation of the woman and asks not to tell anyone else about what Mary was alive. But the information cannot ba hidden - it seeps to Marchenko. He understands that Masha is the key to the plant. So the two people rival for chemical plant, send their people to find Masha.



Ukraina channel commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Victor Tatarskiy
Photography director(s):
Dmitriy Plyusnin
Anton Zinchenko, Valeriy Davidovich
Kirill Safonov, Vera Bakhankova, Denis Sinyavskiy, Alexey Baidakov, Andrey Chubchenko and others