Criminal drama

The title of the movie is handed down with the famous St. Petersburg address where the revolution was in St. Petersburg Court of Justice and the District Court, and then the General Directorate of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, and now the Federal Security Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. It is here, according to the film's plot, a headquarters of the Department of Special Investigation (SRF), which employees and become the protagonists of the movie.

Faces protagonists have long been familiar to all fans of the genre - theteam consists of popular actors Evgeny Sidikhin, Sergey Selin, Alexey Nilov, Andrey Fedortsov, Anastasiya Melnikova, Konstantin Solovyov and Anwar Libabov. They have often had to work in one team, and they are familiar with how it is necessary to investigate the crimes. Interestingly, three members of the department (Nilov, Selin and Melnikov) have the names of the implementing actors. According to the creators, this scenic course will bring the characters to the audience and to highlight the reality of what is happening on the screen.

Each film in the series "Liteiniy" is a complete story, dedicated to the investigation of a crime. Heroes are investigating complex cases of national importance - the drug mafia, arms trafficking, the plundering of national wealth, espionage, etc. The writers do not invent crime and events, which is full of the picture. One of the main principles that guided the filmmakers, was to achieve maximum compliance of screen real events.

Of course, they are - a team of professional special agents, but nothing human is alien to them. Sometimes, they get tired of each other, quarrel, make up, make mistakes ... The personal relationship heroes of "Liteiniy" will be no less interesting to the audience than detective stories in which they participate. The main thing - they never forget that for which they live. And the goal is the same - the safety of the country!



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Moskvitin, Igor draka, Iliya Kazankov, Shakir Zagidullin, Andrey Saveljev, Dmitriy Averin, Sergey Poluyanov, Denis Eleonskiy, Sergey Gorbachov, Nikolay Sokolov, Alexander Glinskiy
Timur Beketov, Victor Mikheev, Marianna Factorovich, Vladimir Izmaylov, Vyacheslav Khromenkov, Alexey Kiselev, Edward Sashko, Sergey Glazkov, Alexandr Kachan, Maxim Demchenko, Alexey Khasanov
Evgeniy Sidikhin, Alexey Nilov, Sergey Selin, Konstantin Solovjev, Anastasiya Melnikova, Andrey Fyodortsov, Anvar Libabov, Tatjana Kolganova, Ekaterina Proskurina and others