1981. Failed rock musician Fyodor is transported by his parents from Moscow to Leningrad to temporarily hide from the threat of prosecution for his son's participation in an underground rock band. Fyodor’s relative through his connections arranges him as an Intern in the police strong point of the Kupchino district. At the same time, Fyodor accidentally runs into his future boss, local policeman Vasilyich. The relationship between the freedom-loving young musician and the harsh policeman Vasilich does not add up immediately. Vasilich does not take Fyodor seriously, gives him small tasks. Fyodor hopes to leave the hated job at the police station soon. At the same time, several suicides among teenagers occur in Kupchino. Vasilich joins the investigation, wondering who could have provoked the children and how the attacker could have tracked their actions. Fyodor takes part in this case, he is touched by the tragedy of the dead children. He goes on a confidential dialogue with one of the future victims – Mary. Fyodor with Vasilich find the criminal – they are a teacher of a technical school, who thus tested the methods of psychological influence on children. After this investigation, Fyodor and Mary are in a romantic relationship

Despite Fyodor's help, Vasilich continues to train and re-educate the student, arguing with him about music, artists and films, insisting on the correctness of the Soviet worldview. Fyodor continues his musical hobby, connects to the rehearsals of the local start-up rockers. Fyodor buys records with Western music at an illegal market, and during this illegal transaction, the police take him away. That is why Fyodor comes across KGB major who offers work for him, to hand over information about anti-Soviet sentiments and actions taking place in Kupchino, including the work with his chief. Fyodor agrees to work for the major after long thought. He does this work in order to use major's connections to investigate another crime in Kupchino, but is not going to betray new friends and Vasilich.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Creative producer:
Vadim Kalashov
Armenak Nazikyan, Maxim Brius, Viktor Shkuratov, Alan Dzotsiev, Alexey Karelin
Photography director(s):
Dmitry Plyusnin, Stanislav Mikhailov, Dmitry Kabanov
Andrey Belozerov, Anna Larina
Alexey Kravchenko, Grigory Nekrasov, Ekaterina Panasyuk, Denis Pyanov, Ivan Reshetnyak, Roman Ageev and others
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