Implementation (professional police slang) – the final stage of operational development, the result of which is the arrest of a criminal in the act.

An experienced detective from Veliky Novgorod, Andrey Krasavets, after a conflict with a criminal businessman, was transferred to the position of a simple district police officer in the Central district of St. Petersburg. All that the handsome man wants now is to work quietly and peacefully for three years in order to get a well-deserved pension. But suddenly he finds himself in the center of a showdown between the authority Dmitry Yashin and his own colleagues from the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Central district, which leads to unpredictable consequences....

Police major Istratov receives information that a particularly dangerous criminal Igor Kormiltsev, nicknamed Pioneer, has returned to St. Petersburg. Istratov has a personal score with him. A few years ago a pioneer shot a police officer who miraculously survived. Since then the major's life has changed dramatically. He is suspected of receiving a large bribe at the moment. Therefore Istratov is obliged to detain the Pioneer before he is handcuffed himself.

Lenya Galkin, who is not clear what the major forgot in the police, is forced to deal almost alone with the circumstances of the death of his fiancee – a young, promising lawyer Yulia Olshanskaya. For the first time in his life, the guy is ready to go all the way and detain the killers at any cost. But someone very powerful is trying to interfere with his investigation. The life of Galkin and his family is under threat. Oper is horrified to realize that he can't even trust his colleagues.

These and other stories are in the action-Packed crime drama "Implementation". Unusual stories from the life of police officers. Ordinary police in unusual circumstances. Every day life tests the strength of heroes. How to avoid mistakes? How do I make the right decision? How do I make the right choice if everyone is against them?

Despite the difference in characters, all the characters are connected by one common cause-service in the police. And each of them has its own implementation.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Viktor Shkuratov
Photography director(s):
Valery Myulgaut
Andrey Tumarkin
Dmitry Palamarchuk, Mikhail Tarabukin, Kirill Polukhin, Eduard Flerov, Elena Vozhakina, Anna Luttseva and others.