Implementation - 2

Police Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Krasavets continues to lead the criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Central district of St. Petersburg. The position offered to him in the Central Board, in the course of official intrigues, eventually went to the son of a former adviser to the Governor, Leonid Galkin, which led to a conflict between former colleagues. But, after several policemen are killed in the city one after another, Galkin and Krasavets have to forget their mutual grievances and join their efforts in searching for a serial killer…

Every day life puts the characters in front of a difficult choice. How to avoid mistakes? How do I make the right decision? How do I make the right choice if everyone is against them?

Despite the difference in characters, all the characters are connected by one common cause-service in the police. And each of them has its own implementation.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Kim Druzhinin
Photography director(s):
Dmitry Plyusnin
Andrey Tumarkin
Dmitry Palamarchuk, Roman Ageev, Arthur Fedenko, Mikhail Tarabukin, Sergey Parshin, Elizaveta Nilova and Anna Arefyeva and others.