Criminal drama

Rustam is about 40-years old. He lives with his family in St. Petersburg in a rented apartment, engaged in private carrying. Once Rustam is attacked by bandits. They beat him, take away all the day's takings. He was admitted to the hospital, where to the police officer Maxim Ivanov comes. He learns Rustam details of the incident and leaves. Ivanov is not going to look for one, has many other important things to investigate. Rustam has no choice but to put up with this state of affairs.

Life moves on: Rustam "bombs", Ivanov "works" in the police.

But once Ivanov crosses the road of bandits, for which he paid dearly:

he wakes up next to a dead woman in his hand is a service pistol, from which she was killed ... The colleagues and friends of Ivanov turn away from him. After all, he can appear in a jail. Ivanov is hiding from his former colleagues, from the bandits, he gets shot.

Wounded Ivanov picks up by ... Rustam! He puts Ivanov wounded to his car. And took him to his home. There Ivanov comes to life. He was amazed that he had saved this man from far Caucas. Even more he was struck by the story of Rustam - he was also a policeman and also crossed the road to the wrong people.

At the same time the gangsters and the police are on the trail and go to Ivanov and Rustam. And now he has to save himself and his family.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Creative producer:
Andrey Tumarkin
Igor Moskvitin
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Vasiljev
Eldar Lebedev, Alexey Devotchenko and others