High rate. Revenge

The second season of the project takes place several years after the end of the events described in the first part of the picture. Yuri Sergeev, nicknamed "Cosmonaut", continues to run his casino in the absence of his friend and chief assistant Captain, who is soon to be released from prison. Meanwhile, the Cosmonaut's Affairs are getting worse. Every day the casino brings less profit, old customers one by one switch to a safer and more convenient way to enjoy gambling – they become users of online casinos. The most popular of them is the casino "Russian Glory", opened by a young ambitious entrepreneur Gloria Filippenkova, who is well versed in modern technologies. Suddenly, Gloria makes an offer to the Cosmonaut to run a joint business and brazenly invades the territory of the old bandit. Released from prison ahead of time, the Captain supports Gloria, which causes suspicion in the Cosmonaut. Friends begin to distance themselves, and clever Gloria, skillfully using this split, more and more confidently takes over the reins of a new extensive business. But for everyone, the Cosmonaut still remains at the helm of a huge gambling Empire, which now includes Internet resources. Competitors declare him a merciless war, from which the Cosmonaut comes out the winner. But the main problem remains unsolved, secret and obvious enemies are still hunting the Astronaut and his money, and Gloria is gaining strength every day, becoming the main threat to him. In these conditions, only by uniting and overcoming mutual distrust, old friends the Cosmonaut and the Captain will be able to succeed and be the winners in a game where the stakes are higher than ever.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Maxim Brius
Photography director(s):
Stanislav Mikhailov
Igor Antonovsky
Alexey Nilov, Maxim Dakhnenko, the lukeria Ilyashenko, Grusha Petrovsky, Alexey Tarasevich, Xenia Beloborodova and others.