Criminal drama

A young, beautiful, popular pop singer, working under the name "Marfa", quarrels with her husband who is her producer. Marfa is the star of the St. Petersburg and Moscow scenes, her popularity is growing in the province, and the husband (Rogozhin) "embeds" one round after another.

Masha (a real name of the girl) said that her husband uses her for his own enrichment. She decides to run away and does it with the help of a stylist goes to Kiev. There she met Misha. Gradually, their friendship grows into something more - Masha seems that it is almost love.

In St. Petersburg, Masha's husband will do his best to find a wife, he had a bunch of contractual obligations to partners. One of them, the criminal authority, who invested money in the tour, wants to recoup their costs and interest. But just to pay off Masha and her husband will not succeed.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Dmitriy Tyurin
Photography director(s):
Dimitriy Mass
Alexey Rybin
Andrey Rudenskiy, Darija Charusha, Roman Ageev, Dmitriy Bogomolov and others