Hard nuts

Leonid Lavrov and Yuri Romanov are complete opposites of each other. Romanov is a family man, athlete and follower of a healthy lifestyle. Lavrov is a staunch bachelor, a regular in the city's worst places, "a moth, a Joker, a drinks-lover". Therefore, it is not surprising that as soon as Romanov and Lavrov meet, another heated argument breaks out. And they have to meet often and regularly, since both serve as operatives in one of the district police departments.

At the same time, their meetings are not accidental – the head of the Department Colonel Malkov has long benefited from the eternal disputes between the two operas. Each of them has their own views on life, and therefore their own approaches to operational investigative activities. Romanov always tries to act within the law, preferring to get the necessary information peacefully, just having a heart-to-heart conversation with a witness. Lavrov, on the contrary, believes that it is important to get a result quickly, and legal or illegal methods does not matter. Knowing about such features of his subordinates, the wise Colonel Malkov often instructs Lavrov and Romanov to investigate some particularly complicated crime, and this approach always brings a positive result.

However, despite all the differences, in case of serious danger, everyone is ready to cover the back of a friend. Although it is difficult to imagine any danger that can bring Leeonid and Yuri out of balance: due to professional deformation, both operatives have long treated any risk with equanimity, because you need a clear mind to work. For this calmness, colleagues jokingly came up with a nickname for the operas – "Hard nuts".

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Sergey Shcherbin
Photography director(s):
Fyodor Ordovsky, Mikhail Klyuyev
Vladimir Izmailov
Stanislav Tkachenko, Gavriil Fedotov, Polina Yastrebova, Mikhail Gavrilov, Philip Azarov, Anastasia Tyunina, Vyacheslav Arkunov, Nikolai Sorokanov, Daniil Kokin, Eduard Sergienya, Natalia Sveshnikova, Natalia Myznikova, Alice DARS, Yevgeny Karpov, Oleg Me