Goodbye, "Makarov"!
Criminal drama

"Farewell," Makarov "! - A series about the operations department under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Stroeva (S.Selin). The workers of the department are: Major Mayorov (A.Baranovsky), father of two twins Nina and Galya, who brings up daughters alone; Major Simonov (Kuznetsov), a commando and a great connoisseur of the animals; Captain Boyartseva, a forensic expert, a polyglot, the owner of a beauty and encyclopedic knowledge; Lieutenant Romachkin (S.Kolos), a brilliant programmer, the youngest in the department; Major Olshansky (A.Averkov), an incorrigible womanizer and a favorite of women. Direct Head of  Stroev is  the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Colonel Shepelev.

Colonel Stroyev is married, but his wife - an opera singer - constantly on tour. The mother-in-law Elena, whom he calls Cobra, rules the house. Stroyev is constantly on a diet, but without any result. Arrow of weights has long moved above hundred kilograms and does not want to go back. In the evening, Colonel writes a book about the romantic officer, who single-handedly defeats the entire global crime. He goes to the editors and dreams of his book ever will issue, and it will be called "Farewell," Makarov "! The attempt to kill a high-powered official in the ski resort, the murder of members of an international conference in the south, kidnapping girls for ransom, robbery at watch factory, theft orders from the war veterans, murder of theparticipants of a beauty contest - these and other crimes will reveal Stroev`s department.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Maxim Brius
Photography director(s):
Vladimir Brylyakov
Yuriy Grechany, Sergey Koshcheev, Boris Gaiduk, Marianna Faktorovich
Sergey Selin, Alexander Baranovskiy, Ekaterina Proskurina, Sergey Kolos, Valentin Kouznetsov, Sergey Vlasov and others