Format А4
Criminal drama

The plot is the story of four young women, four friends - residents of the metropolis - Anna, Alena, Antonina and Alla. Uppercase names are  the main characters and there was a name of the pub - "Format A4", the owner of which is  Anna, an attractive, talented and energetic woman. With her husband Victor she is still together since  students days, but feelings are already rather faded. Anna dreams of a child, the lack of which is seen as a tragedy ...

Antonina is  a girl from a good family, quickly transferred from the custody of the parents under the care of her husband. Unable to forgive his betrayal, she is remained alone with two children. At twenty-eight, she again begins the independent life. Carried away by extreme sports and having the opportunity to conduct a business, to become the owner of a sports shop of weapons and equipment.

Alena is a classmate of Antonina. She is quite a successful interior designer and is the real emancipation of her friends. She can be called a cat that walks by itself. She often strikes up a love affair with her male clients, but the joy of it doesn`t give her. Alena seriously believes that she is not for family and children. But in reality - she is responsive and faithful, she smashes but will do everything for her loved ones!

The youngest of her friends is a  romantic provincial – a conductor Alla,  A charming girl with a bunch of complexes and problems in her private life.

Her familiarity with these three friends happens in the pub of Anna. She fits well in the company of girls, and becomes an integral part of it. History of Alla is comic and dramatic at the same time - it occurs simultaneously with two young entrepreneurs – from Moscow and from St. Petersburg.

Each of the young women is looking for herself and her mate. And it is a pub "Format A4" has become a permanent meeting place and the scene of many conflicts,  story characters. Together they will endure the betrayal of loved ones, the disappointment of failure, a lot of love and etc. But no matter how difficult it was, the girls know one thing: when they are together - they are the mountains on the shoulder!



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Libenson
Photography director(s):
Ilya Boyko, Yuriy Litvinov
Anush Vardanyan
Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya, Sabina Akhmedova, Anna Luttseva, Alexandra Mareeva, Oleg Almazov, Denis Sinyavskiy, Valeriy Kukhareshin, Andrey Averkov, Yuriy Baturin, Andrey Averkov and others