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Criminal drama

Alexey Terekhov is a leader of one of the furniture companies. Alexey is married, but has no children – some health problems of his wife (Alla). And gradually unrealized paternal feelings Alexey projects at his wife. She is more to him than a woman, a wife. She is the sense of his life. They are happy in marriage. Until ... one day Alla is sent to Moscow on business. She does not know that her friend, who volunteered to take her to the train station, quietly slipped into her bag package with a very expensive drug. Alla unknowingly becomes a drug courier. In Moscow, someone tries to steal her bag, but she comes into the fight with a robber and then forced traffickers kidnap Alla, so as not to attract attention on the street.

Alexey is worried – Alla does not call him on arrival in Moscow. The handset is turned off in the company, where she is being waited, she doesn`t appear there. The police responded, but they say, wait, it should take three days, then take a statement about the disappearance.

Alexey rushes to search for his wife. He is far from the detective cases. But he has a step by step to restore all the fatal chain of events, which pleased his only and dear woman. Heart feels that Alla is in trouble.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Igor Moskvitin
Photography director(s):
Vyacheslav Gurchin
Andrey Shcherbinin
Tatiana Kolganova, Mikhail Khmurov, Alexey Osipov, Gesha Menshikov and others