Criminal drama

A modest history teacher Alexander Lvov, happily married to Anna, a woman with a child. His adopted son, 8-year-old Vanya, is like an own one to Alexander. But Anna's ex-husband and a father of Vanya is returning from the army who served under contract paratrooper Vadim Kotov. He wants to take his son. There is going to be a serious problem. But they suddenly have a common problem: Vanya is kidnapped. The child is a friend to the son of a local businessman Oleg Khromov, whose name is Vanya either. And now Vanya Lvov is kidnapped, apparently confused with Vanya Khromov. Oleg Khromov, realizing that it is his son who must have been  kidnapped, agrees to help Lvov to find the son. And he wants to know, who declared the war to him, and to find the man kidnapping the child, soon he clearifies that the root is in the very difficult past of Oleg Khromov.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Armenak Nazikyan
Photography director(s):
Dmitriy Plyusnin
Tatiana Stolbova
Dmitriy Marjanov, Sergey Gorobchenko, Yan Tsapnik, Anatoliy Kot, Nikita Morozov and others