Fate broadcast
Criminal drama

Oleg Baryshev is fifty. He is an ordinary man, he has a family: a wife, two daughters and a grandson. He is a regular employee: he is a legal advisor in a large private trading company. The work is from ten to seven, and then he comes back home, where he has dinner, chats with his wife and the youngest daughter. Then two o'clock watching TV. On weekends, there is a trip to the villiage where the eldest daughter and her husband come. Baryshev dislikes his son-in-law - he did not serve in the army. Baryshev spent two years in Afghanistan, but he does not like to talk about it. So, his son-in-law never understands what is fighting and how big his pain is - on the war Oleg lost his best friend.

Once Baryshev as usual is sitting and  watching TV in the evening, crime news. Drug traffickers are caught. Among the peasants, vagabonds he sees the missing army friend. His face changed - the thin, wrinkled, but the look of the eyes are still the same. Barishev loses his inner peace. He cannot sleep or eat, he asks the daughter to find the report in the Internet. He watches it over and over again, now he is convinced that it was his friend!

Barishev is looking for a journalist - author of the plot. Clarifies the time and place, all the details and nuances, and then makes a decision - he must find the missed friend. There are a lot of scandals and tears at home. His wife and daughter give up and let him go but ... with one condition ... to go with the son-in-law! Baryshev agrees. So begins a dangerous journey to a foreign country.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Andrey Shcherbinin
Photography director(s):
Alexander Ustinov
Andrey Shcherbinin
Igor Bochkin, Alexey Morozov and others