Criminal drama

Once Semyon, a boxing trainer, is visited by a former friend, Nikolay, a rich and famous man. Nicholay`s wife Asya died several years ago, and he grows up a little daughter Mila. Once Nickolay fell in love with Asya, and since then the former friends do not communicate anymore. Nicholay`s in danger, and he asks the former friend to take care of Mila. He trusted no one else, except his old friend. On the same day Nickolay is killed. According to his will Semyon is Mila`s guardian.

Mila has nobody except her grandmother. Father of the girl leaves a huge legacy of a majority stake, followed by his partners. They killed Nickolay, and now the path to the desired long-awaited stock just blocked by the small daughter of the rich man. Mila is going to be hunyed and caught. But Mila now is under Semyon`s protection, who must keep his promise to save the life of this girl.

Mila`s grandmother is killed by the business partners. Semyon is outside the law, it supposes that he not only killed the grandmother but kidnapped Mila. The fugitives and murderers, and the law enforcement agencies hold the hunt. Hero manages to beat the bandits to save Mila and prove his innocence. Semyon brings to expose former partner Nicholay - Igor Nikomov. Now Semyon is like the father to Mila, becomes the best friend to the girl, and he paternally is tied to her.



NTV commissioned production.

Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Armenak Nazikyan
Photography director(s):
Viktor Gonchar
Elena Tsvintukh
Maxim Drozd, Ivan Batarev, Yulia Bedareva, Igor Golovin and others